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MAKE UP FOR EVER is the story of a painter and a sculptor, turned make up artist : Dany SANZ.

A teacher in her soul, Dany was the training manager of the first school of make up in Europe in the 1970's.

She experienced great success straightaway because of the quality of her training courses, the excellence of the taught techniques and the privileged relationship that she has with her students.



A few years later, Dany, tired of not finding products corresponding to the specific professional make-up needs, had the idea to create her own products. Little by little, word of mouth spread amongst professionals, leading to, in 1985, the birth of the brand Make Up For Ever.

She began to produce her own cosmetics with the help of friends and fellow students like Lysiane QUEMA, present since the beginning of the MAKE UP FOR EVER adventure and Dany's assistant for 25 years.

« At first, we made products by hand, on camping stoves. We filled jars and pallets one by one, with spoons.  Everybody put their fingers to the grindstone : my students in the evening after courses, and even my father, who compacted eye shadows »... Dany


Dany had belonged to the group LVMH since 1999, and was already well known, but she was far from imagining that Make Up For Ever was going to become a cult brand. The brand developed real artistic value internationally, a view shared by make-up professionals as well as the general public.

So, Dany saw the brand evolving with Lysiane by her side. Lysiane was a free lance make-up artist for stars of the cinema, music industry and the world of fashion for 20 years, besides being in charge of International training for Make Up For Ever.


« IMPROBABLE MEETING, me very extrovert, Lysiane very  discreet... Two extremes meet... Her sensitivity compimented my hyper activity. She was a reassuring and loyal presence in the middle of my enlivened life » ... Dany


In Paris, Lysiane noticed some students coming from the South, coupled with her need of sun led her to create the MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY NICE in 2003, offering on the Côte d'Azur, long and short training courses allowing students to acquire the knowledge necessary to be a make-up artist in beauty, fashion, movies, photo, TV, theater and artistic (face & body painting).


For Lysiane, Make Up For Ever Academy stands out on several points :

« What counts most is the pedagogy and ability to teach. We can be the best make-up artist in the world and not know how to listen to the challenges of the students ! »... Lysiane

Contrary to general ideas, it's not necessary to be an artist to join the Academy, it's open to highly varied profiles : to professionals in search of improvement, to students wishing a specific training or even to fulfill a personnal desire. It is the professional techniques wich, once acquired, reveal the talent of the future make-up artist.

Coming from all horizons and countries, students are selected following an interview with the teaching staff, all experts in their domain. This  diversity of profiles open the doors to the unique melting pot of international cultural and artistic brilliance.

Dany and Lysiane combine an educational strength with creative vision of make-up.
This training is considered as a reference by professionals, the Academy is a place where people become professional make-up artist.

Elite training and Professional techniques are offered in all make-up domains including : fashion, beauty, artistic, theatrical, movies and special effects or television.

Lysiane IN 6 dates
1982 Student and meeting of Dany
1984 Trainer at the school Christian Chauveau

Creation of MAKE UP FOR EVER

Make-Up artist launches

Trainer in the international further to the repurchase LVMH
Manager of the Academy MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY in Paris
Creation and manager MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY NICE